CompreSleeve, Arm
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A quick and easy alternative to bandage wrapping, the CompreSleeve mimics bandages by using a cotton/Lycra blend, one-way short stretch fabric. Once adjusted for a comfortable fit, the CompreSleeve provides a gentle, gradient 20-30 mmHg compression to facilitate effective drainage of lymph fluid.


  • 20‰ÛÒ30mmHg of moderate, gradient compression from hand to axilla
  • Designed to replace day or nighttime bandaging
  • Unique lycra / cotton blend creates comfortable, short-stretch compression
  • WAVEFOAM creates pressure ridges to facilitate fluid drainage
  • Attached hand piece provides additional palm compression
  • Safe for use day or night
  • Easy care - machine wash and dry
  • Latex-free


  • Stage I or II Lymphedema
  • Mild fibrosis
  • Post-surgical edema