About Us

Ensura Health has been involved in helping caregivers, patients, and other medical professionals for over 15 years. We have longstanding relationships with manufacturers of proven products including Tena, Dry Comfort, Prevail, ProCare, SureCare, Poise, and Attends to name just a few. In addition to adult briefs, adult protective underwear, adult diapers, and incontinent supplies, we are pleased to offer complimentary skin care products.

Our partnership with those eldercare providers gives us a unique involvement directly into patient care.

Being a dedicated supplier for these professional customers has helped Ensura to build relationships with skilled nursing facilities, hospital systems, adult family homes and individual caregivers across the country. These relationships have also helped to put us in direct contact with patients themselves.

Caregivers choose Ensura because we’re a trusted partner for medical providers and patients alike. New customers are key to the growth of Ensura yet we strive to retain business through exceptional service. Our guiding philosophy drives us every day – to be a dependable supplier, provide unsurpassed customer service and ensure complete satisfaction.

Find out what it means to have Ensura as a trusted partner for you, your family member or your patients. Our customer service with expanded coast-to-coast hours, competitive pricing and our expedited delivery may get you to try us for the first time; your experience with us will bring you back.