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Do you or a loved one use incontinence products often? Are you constantly running to the store to stock up on protective underwear, briefs, pads or liners? Or do you simply need to buy a pack of overnight pads every so often? Either way, there’s an easy way to purchase your favorite brand, and save in the process! 

Ensura Health offers a Personal Care Plan™ which allows you to have your favorite products delivered to your or loved one's door at the schedule of your choosing. The process is actually quite easy, as registered Ensura Health users can select what product they want delivered and how often – all online. We do the rest, sending you email reminders (you can cancel or change your order or do nothing to have the system place your order) and your shipment is delivered right to your door. The best part is, each product delivered on a recurring basis will receive a discount, while some orders may be eligible to receive Free Shipping.

  • Set it and forget it.

  • Pause, edit or cancel any time.

  • Discounted pricing.

  • Free personal care products with each order.