Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeves (Pair)
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Boost your muscle performance with more power and less vibration.

The good news is that the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves for arm, upper leg, and lower leg provide you with a UPF of 80 – even in wet or stretched condition. The effectiveness of this sun protection clothing has been tested by the International Test Association for Applied Protection against UV Radiation meeting the requirements of UV Standard 801.

Medical standard compression levels
Medical grade compression decreases gradually from wrist to upper arm to promote circulation and improve transfer of oxygen to increase endurance and lower premature fatigue.
Highly breathable microfiber
Temperature regulating microfiber keeps the joints and muscles warm but is breathable on the skin for superior comfort.
Extra-soft inner elbow area for increased wearing comfort
Zones of softer material are strategically placed at sensitive points to ensure a comfortable fit.
Durable, washable and comes in pairs.
The durable microfiber can be machine washed and tumbled dry. The sleeves come in pairs so you can wear them on each side or wear on one side and have a spare.