Dynamic+ Merino Low-Cut Socks, Men's
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Amazing Combination of Natural and High Tech Fibers

Our Merino Low Cut Socks combine the finest merino wool available with our proven synthetic blend of fibers to create the perfect balance of thermal regulation and proven compression in a low cut design. CEP Merino Low Cut Socks feature metatarsal compression on the instep and fit like a glove for ultimate comfort. CEP Merino Low Cut Socks are the perfect all-rounders and can be worn for all sports from running, to golf, to football. The one inch cuff offers true medi compression for improved circulation and performance.

Ì_How to wash CEP Merino Low Cut Socks

Ì_- Machine wash in cold water

Ì_- Hang to dry

Ì_- No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents