• Mini Quad Cane Tip

Mini Quad Cane Tip
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We love the Mini Quad Cane Tip because it adds stability and pivot to your cane, reduces impact on your hand and wrist, and even allows your cane to stand upright on its own. Its small size also makes it ideal for travel ‰ÛÒ just pair it with a folding cane and go!Allows your cane to stand upright on flat surfaces.
  • Small size makes Mini Quad Cane Tip ideal for travel
  • Improves stability and traction on uneven terrain
  • Helps reduce impact on user‰۪s hand and wrist
  • Dimensions:
  • Fits canes with a 3/4‰۝ diameter
  • Base dimensions: 3‰۝ x 3‰۝