Ortho+ Ankle Brace
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Full Support, Quicker Recovery

The CEP Ankle Brace is made to offer amazing support and relief to the ankle area. CEP's graduated compression profile offers improved circulation, muscle stability, and quicker recovery from workouts. The padded cushions at the ankles provide added support to ensure a stable fit making recovery from injury quicker and less painful. Our Ankle Brace is a certified medical device meaning that it has been developed and constructed to the highest tolerances in a factory that meets very specific guidelines. The unique cushioning of the CEP Ankle Brace ensures a perfect to provide added support, while helping to reduce swelling. The improved circulation, (thanks to our graduated compression) also speeds recovery from injury by increasing the amount of fresh blood and healing lymph fluid to the joint. The CEP Ankle Brace is perfect for use by runners, soccer players, basketball players, baseball players, volleyball players, and others that are trying to get back on track following an injury, or maintain fitness by working through a tender ankle.

How to wash CEP Ankle Brace

Ì_- Machine wash in cold water

Ì_- Machine dry with low heat

Ì_- No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents